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Blogger event at The Body Shop, Basingstoke

I was hugely excited to be invited to The Body Shop in Basingstoke last Friday for a blogger event to check out new products.
I went to an event at their Reading branch last year and I am pleased to inform you that they managed to get enough signatures to petition the UN to end cruelty to animals (here’s a reminder of Ollie sporting his #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting bandana.

My first task was to look around the store and identify the vegan products which are clearly labelled. The Body Shop estimates that around half of its products are vegan and all are vegetarian and cruelty free.


One of the things I love about The Body Shop is the colour and brightness which reflects the naturalness of the products and the vivid vibrant colours seen in the natural world.



These wipes are not vegan (the tea tree oil ones are) but they are completely biodegradeable. Perfect for anyone looking to reduce their waste and help protect the planet.

There is a new sheet mask in the Drops of Youth range that has just launched and this is also fully biodegradeable in just one month!




I had a moisture test on my face and I’m pleased to report that my skin is only slightly dehydrated which is a relief after years of moisturising, my recent allergic reaction and skin devastation, and the fact that I am only 2 years away from being 40!




A new Cactus Blossom range is coming out in time for Mother’s Day and Easter. It smells so fresh and includes a body yoghurt which is a hugely popular product.

I enjoyed a hand massage with strawberry hand cream: you can get one too, just ask in store!

Thank you so much to The Body Shop for the invite!


  1. Sounds like a great event. I haven’t been to the body shop in ages. I used to go a lot when I was younger. Glad they still stand for the same ethics.


  2. My daughter is a big fan of Body Shop, you’ve highlighted a few items here that sound really interesting, I may have to hint to my daughter that the cactus blossom products are perfect for Mother’s Day. 🙂

  3. Oh the biodegradable wet wipe is something I would like to check out, thank you for flagging this. It’s easy enough to avoid these nasty buggers altogether but for anyone who has become too used and can’t abandon them, it would be good to switch to biodegradable ones 🙂

  4. Lucky you – what a treat. Love the Body Shop and always have. Had not thought they would be getting all involved in the vegan movement but of course that makes absolute sense #GlobalBlogging

  5. I’ve loved the Body Shop since the 90s and am so happy that they are pushing harder to force governments to prevent animal testing. There is just no need for it in today’s world. #GlobalBlogging

  6. I may not eat vegan food but I do like other vegan products. I especially love products that are made for nature, not tested on animals, and doesn’t harm the environment. This shop looks like a great place to get some really great products. #GlobalBlogging (so sorry I’m a bit late on this one)

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