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#Blogmas18 day 19: DIY Christmas ideas

I have very mixed feelings about DIY gifts.
Part of me thinks the personal touch is lovely but there is a lot of pressure involved.
For example, if it is food, can you be certain that they washed their hands and used separate utensils (due to my vegetarianism and wheat allergy). Will it contain ginger (sorry, not a fan!)
If it is something arty, does it suit my decor.
If it is made by my children, will I have to keep it forever.
Now I’m aware some of these are a bit harsh, maybe even the hint of Scrooge about me.

We have a whole cupboard full of the children’s efforts. There are some things I’d never dispose of but the kids never let me throw anything away. Some years they have come home with an A2 wallet stuffed full of goodies!
Now the irony here is that I’m hoping to start up a little business making handmade occasion cards and Christmas decorations (if I ever learn to crochet…) So my DIY gifts could end up littering the homes of my friends and families.
Photo gifts are lovely, especially if they mark happy occasions from the year. We had canvases made for ourselves and our families this year featuring our engagement shoot and wedding pics. There is such a wide range of gift ideas available and some are possible to create at home, for example a simmple print in a frame.
What do you think about DIY gifts?


  1. I agree that they have to be of a certain quality! To be fair, many home made foods may be more hygienic that some restaurants, cafes and takeaways so I don’t generally worry about that 🙂

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