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#Blogtober18 day 22: vindaloo or korma? #NationalCurryWeek

I am rather partial to a curry! Actually I am neither a korma nor a vindaloo but instead prefer something that is medium to fairly hot. I like my curry to be full of spices rather than spicy but a bit of heat is great!
On Saturday I visited St Nicholas Centre in Sutton and had a chickpea curry from Sugar and Spice which was very hot and made my eyes water (I didn’t even have one of the chillies on top!) but the flavour was heavenly.

I’m sorry to say that most of the curry sauce jars or ready meals in the supermarkets are rather disappointing and nothing beats a trip to a restaurant or takeaway. I am somewhat envious of Chris who has visited India and experienced real curries!

I never had curries growing up so never tried one before university and since then I’ve been hooked! I am a vegetarian but am not actually a fan of vegetables so a curry sauce is the perfect way to change the flavour. My personal favourite is how potato absorbs the colour and flavour of the spices 🙂
I tend to go for biryani but also enjoy jalfrezis and baltis. Plus poppadoms, lots of poppadoms!
What is your favourite curry?

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