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Five reasons to go to Blog On!

Errr… where have the last 2 weeks gone???
Back on the first weekend in May I headed north to Manchester with my husband for my 4th Blog On conference. Almost 6 hours of travelling and we were absolutely exhausted.
So why do it? 5 bloody good reasons actually!

The other bloggers (and, dare I say, friends)

Other bloggers are so lovely, even really famous ones that I am scared to say hi to but force myself because it might be a chance in a lifetime 🙂 Blogging is often quite solitary but we know about each other’s lives from reading our blogs and support each other online.

The party

Linked to my friends above is the chance to socialise. Let my hair down and be Laura for a while, not Mum. There is a party at each conference and this year’s theme was Star Wars (May the Fourth be with you!)

The brands

I still cringe trying to pitch to brands so being able to meet up with reps in person and try out toys and products is a lovely way to help me overcome my shyness. Oh and this year there was gin…

The experts

Sessions on photography, SEO, pitching, podcasting; there really is something for everyone. All of the experts are supportive and helpful, plus you can catch up with them during the day if you have a specific quesiotn that you are desperate to find out the answer to!


The goody bag

Legendary is all I can say. The kids can never wait for me to get home so they can raid the bag and find some treats to make up for being without me for a couple of days. There are always special treasures in there! Here is this year’s selection;

I always leave Blog On feeling fired up and ready to apply all of my new knowledge to my blog. Life gets in the way and most changes stay on my to do list but some things really stick with me (‘eat the frog!’) and hopefully my friendships will continue to grow stronger!
Find out how I got on at Blog On Xmas (September 2017), Blog On X (May 2018) and Blog On Toys (September 2018). How do you feel about conferences?


  1. We don’t have these here in the states (to my knowledge) but this does seems like a great way to learn so many things and have a great time doing it. I often read posts talking about this and how much bloggers learn from going. Thanks for hosting #GlobalBlogging

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