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Dancing the night away, noodles at 1am and Blog On Toys

Somehow almost 2 weeks has already passed since Blog On Toys. It was brilliant and sooooo inspiring, but to be honest, I’m knackered. I’m really feeling my age and have rediscovered muscles that I haven’t used in years. I left home last Saturday and headed north to Manchester. It was a real wrench to leave […]

BlogOn Toys: introduce yourself

In less than a week I am heading to Manchester for my 3rd BlogOn conference…and I can’t wait! The BlogOn team have asked us to introduce ourselves so that we can know something about the other bloggers we’ll meet and hopefully make some friends 🙂 Share a photograph (a recent one so people can recognise […]

I can cross off 2 things from my bucket list! Yay me!

Back in May when I reached the grand old age of 36, I wrote a bucket list of some things I wanted to do/try/achieve by the time I’m 40 (if not before)!!! And I am glad to say that I have successfully completed two of those things this very weekend, hurrah! This may not sound […]