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#Project365 week 38

Day 258: look how starstruck Zach was to meet the wonderful Megson after we’d enjoyed their Family Folk Show in Farnham


Day 259: using Alphablocks to name the parts of the body (yes, Zach is scarily good at spelling for a three year old, as well as all other areas of the curriculum!)


Day 260: I took Matthew to visit the secondary school he will attend in 2 years’ time. He LOVED it. We spent an hour in technology doing wiring, soldering, vacuum forming before moving on to the science block where he discovered a love of biology and abandoned his usual squeamishness…

Day 261: birthday girl! Anya turned 7 and most of her presents were LOL including the huge £80 set!



Day 262: I took my mum to watch Downton Abbey at the cinema and we loved it!

Day 263: Chris was busy with DIY, making some shelves for Matt’s room, and had a little helper

Day 264:  Blog On in Bracknell! So lovely to meet up with old and new friends (and some elves)

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  1. Aww! Zach does look rather starstruck. How adorable! He’s a very clever young lad. My two couldn’t spell that well when they were his age.
    How exciting for Matthew to visit the secondary school so early!
    Happy Birthday Anya!
    I keep meaning to start watching Downton Abbey. I will get around to it one day. x

  2. Happy belated birthday to Anya! That’s some serious birthday stash she got.
    Megson and Alphablocks bring back lovely memories. We used to listen to Megson a lot, when Eddie was a tot, and he loved the Alphablocks magazines.

  3. I am sorry to have missed Blogon it looked like greta fun. Hope she had a lovely birthday and I am well versed with LOL dolls as my friends little one is LOL doll mad. Wow thats brilliant I am not sure if Kipper even knows the first letter of his name… maybe I should introduce him to alphablocks now. Monkey used to love them

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