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#Project365 2022 week 41

Day 283: I really enjoyed the last Blog On Conference
Day 284: absolutely knackered after the last week, I got nine hours sleep by channelling my inner puppy!
Day 285: a big moment for all of us as we took the puppies over to the river for the first time
Day 286: very dark morning runs but I can’t wait for the sun to rise or I wouldn’t have time before work!
Day 287: trying to have a nap on the sofa but the boys want my attention!
Day 288: I’m enjoying my new French course on Duolingo but stil upset by the awful app update
Day 289: the best moment of each week is when the washing basket is empty! Sadly it only lasted half an hour…


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  1. Oh wow! I didn’t realise it was the last blog on. The end of an era.
    How exciting to take the puppies over to the river for the first time.The puppies are very cute.
    The washing basket being empty is the greatest feeling, it is a shame that it doesn’t last. x

  2. Hope the puppies enjoyed their walk down to the river. Lovely photo of them trying to get your attention but I can imagine it must have been frustrating with you trying to have a nap! The new app update on Duolingo is quite Marmite. I quite like it now that I’m used to it but I can see why people don’t like it. I can’t remember the last time my washing basket was empty! #project365

  3. How adorable are your puppies! I love having dogs, always good company and glad to see you! Awww fab that you went to Blog On, I hear the goody bags are really good and always wished I had been to one. Well done you getting to the bottom of the washing basket!

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