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Every Step You Take, by M.A. Hunter

Every Step You Take book cover

Molly is a long distance runner, trying to recover from an injury and qualify for the Olympics. Her final hurdle is to complete the London Marathon but her mind isn’t focussed due to a stalker…
Every Step You Take is a psychological thriller set in London.
Molly is fighting for her place in the Olympic team and this is her last chance to prove herself. She has battled to get herself fit again after a back injury. But on the morning of the race, she receives flowers and a note that she believes has come from her stalker. Otto is locked up in prison but Molly fears he has found a way to get to her. She frantically looks around herself as she runs, searching for a malevolent presence and trying to get help from her coach and the lead detective.
The book is written in Molly’s first person present day timeline which shows us effectively how her concentration is being threatened by the distraction of fear. It felt very natural and authentic and brought Molly’s character to life. Other chapters are written in the third person in the recent past to show how the stalker began his obsession. I really liked the style of the book and felt immersed in Molly’s race. My only quibble is how much talking and fiddling with her electronics she does whilst running and I’m not capable of either when I run!
Every Step You Take is an engaging and authentically voiced psychological thriller.


Every Step You Take
Run for your life…
This year’s London Marathon is my last chance to win the final place on the Olympic team. The months of rehabilitation after my injury will feel worth it to cross that line.
But I wasn’t expecting the man who’s been making my life a living hell to be there. Last I knew, my stalker was behind bars, but he says he’s going to be at the race watching.
I have 26 miles to figure out whether it’s him, and what he wants, or I could lose more than just the race.
A taut psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Teresa Driscoll, TM Logan and Daniel Hirst.
Purchase Link – https://mybook.to/everystepsocial
Author Bio –
M.A. Hunter is the bestselling author of psychological and crime thrillers, including Adrift, and The Trail. Born in the north-east of England, he now lives in Southampton where many of his stories are set, allowing him to use his insider knowledge to deliver realistic and unsettling suspense on every page.
Away from writing, M.A. loves to read anything that will keep him awake at night. He’s also a passionate advocate for contemporary cinema and binge-watching the latest offerings from streaming services. He is married with a son and a daughter, and two dogs.
M.A. also writes under the name Stephen Edger.
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