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Make Her Pay, by Miranda Rijks

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Leonie has a successful business but her life is ruled by her father after an incident a decade ago. Now she falls in love and finally thinks she can have a fresh start. But the past is determined to haunt her…
Make Her Pay is a psychological thriller set in the UK.
Leonie caused a devastating accident 10 years ago and her dad helped to cover it up. Her guilt and gratitude have dictated her life ever since. Then she meets Markus and ends up engaged after a whirlwind romance. Carrie is stuck living in an awful houseshare and barely scrapes a living. Her love life is non existent and she is recovering from an addiction to painkillers.
The link between the two timelines comes just after a third of the way through and made me gasp as we have to reassess our thoughts about a character. Things do not run smoothly for Leonie or Carrie as the wedding approaches and I was captivated! There is another twist as power shifts again as the result of another character. I really liked how I was kept on my toes by the changes to the direction of the plot.
Both Leonie and Carrie are portrayed quite sympathetically despite them both committing acts that are unacceptable. The use of the first person narrative helps us to understand their emotions and motives which makes them seem more authentic and human.
Make Her Pay is a gripping book about revenge and regret.
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Book Links
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/202408801-make-her-pay
Buy Link – https://mybook.to/makeherpay-zbt
Book Blurb
Leonie has the perfect life. Someone wants to take it away.
Leonie is living her best life. Still in her twenties, she’s beautiful, successful and has just met Markus, the man of her dreams.
But Leonie has a secret. Ten years ago, she was involved in an accident in which another driver died. Leonie shouldn’t have been behind the wheel that night – no license, no insurance – so she fled the scene. And ever since, she’s been struggling to deal with the terrible guilt.
Now, as her wedding to Markus draws near, it seems someone is out to get her. It’s little things at first – botched work appointments, a cancelled bridal dress – but it soon escalates into a terrifying campaign which threatens her business, her family and even her life.
Leonie, caught up in a relentless nightmare, has no idea why anyone would set out to destroy her. Until she realizes there’s a link to the accident that happened all those years ago.
Someone knows what she did. Someone is determined to make her pay…

Miranda’s Bio
Miranda Rijks is a writer of psychological thrillers and suspense novels. She has an eclectic background ranging from law to running a garden centre.
She’s been writing all of her life and has a Masters in writing. A couple of years ago she decided to ditch the business plans and press releases and now she’s living the dream, writing suspense novels full time.
She lives in Sussex, England with her Dutch husband, musician daughter and black Labrador.
This is her twentieth psychological thriller with Inkubator Books.

Miranda’s Links
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MirandaRijksAuthor
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mirandarijksauthor/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/MirandaRijks
Website: https://mirandarijks.com/

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