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My Big Fake Wedding, by Jessica Hatch

My Big Fake Wedding book cover
Bea wins her dream wedding in a lottery. The only problem is…she has no groom! With only a few months to go until the big day, Bea is a woman with a mission: will she find a man to say ‘I do’?
My Big Fake Wedding is a light hearted romantic novel set in America.
Bea has been single for a few months when she is informed she has won a wedding. She accepts and is confident she can find a man to marry. Her colleague Andrew seems like a good bet so she starts looking for ways to begin a relationship so she can convince him to marry her.
There are plenty of funny moments and the whole situation is quite ridiculous. The real man she should be focussing her attention on is blazingly obvious and I despaired a little at Bea’s lack of awareness. Bea has a wonderful relationship with her best friend Lucy and this provides more opportunities for humour as well as emotion.
The book has a subplot of a big launch event that Bea is organising in parallel with her wedding. Her professional side shows how driven and focussed she can be, which then reinforces her determination to wed.
The writing style is relaxed and almost chatty despite the third person narrative. I liked the use of ‘to do’ lists at the end of each chapter. These link the things that have just happened and allow us to anticipate what will happen next. Plus I am a huge fan of lists to get things done!
My Bg Fake Wedding is an enjoyable romantic novel with humour and emotion.
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Book: My Big Fake Wedding
Author: Jessica Hatch 
Pub Day: August 18th 2022  
Buy Links: 
UK: http://ow.ly/B7va50KfAAC
US: http://ow.ly/Bbeq50KfAAF
Listen here: http://ow.ly/N18Z50KfAAB
About the Book: 
The date is set. The guy is definitely not.
When I entered a lottery to win a free wedding, I had no idea that I was about to be cheated on, and unceremoniously dumped, by my ex-boyfriend. So when I win, there’s just one teeny tiny problem… I have no one to walk down the aisle with. All I need to do now is find a husband. Simple, right?
My closest friend Oliver, an old-fashioned romantic, thinks I’m crazy. He snorts when I show him my colour-coded binder, packed with step-by-step instructions for my Husband Hunt. And when he reads my to-do list, he laughs so much his green eyes fill with tears.
Step 1: Figure out what men want
Step 2: Research the best bars for romantic first dates
Despite following my list to the letter, something happens that the binder could never have predicted. After months of fantasising about this exact moment, I have a tequila-fuelled kiss with my long-term office crush Andrew. But just when I think I’ve found my soon-to-be husband, my ex-boyfriend declares his undying love for me, and Oliver stops returning my calls when I need him the most…
With my wedding day getting ever closer, I’m starting to realise that the only thing more complicated than finding a husband on a deadline, is finding the right one.
This absolutely hilarious and totally feel-good romance is perfect for fans of Ali Hazelwood’s The Love Hypothesis, Christina Lauren’s The Unhoneymooners, and Emily Henry’s Beach Read.
Author Bio
Jessica Hatch has a passion for writing humorous women’s fiction with a strong-beating heart. She loves to develop quirky, high-concept “what if” scenarios and then drop her characters into them, escape room–style, to see what happens. Her work spotlights characters and locales the reader can fall in love with, and aims to explore real-world issues that women and nonbinary people face.
Jessica has worked in book publishing since 2013. She has had bylines published in Writer’s DigestThe Millions, and G*Mob Magazine, among others, and she is a proud alumna of the Mors Tua Vita Mea workshop in Sezze Romano, Italy. Before being acquired by Bookouture, her debut novel won a pitch slam at the Brooklyn Book Festival in 2018 and was workshopped by acclaimed author Rumaan Alam at Aspen Summer Words in 2019.
Jessica was born outside of Richmond, Virginia, but now lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her bartender husband, Paul, and their three cats. When she is not writing, you can find her jogging on the Riverwalk or planning her next international trip. Say hello at www.jessicahatch.com.
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