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Pure Evil, by Lynda La Plante (audiobook read by Nathaniel Priestley)

Roddy Middleton has confessed to some violent crimes but is now suspected of murder. Can Jack uncover is no evidence to prove Roddy is guilty?
Pure Evil is the 4th book in the DS Jack Warr detective thriler and police procedural series. I have previously read and reviewed the first three books in the series: Buried, Judas Horse, and Vanished.
A sick but charming killer has been targeting vulnerable young people. Evidence is scant but Jack is convinced that Middleton is guilty. His immediate boss is suddenly removed from the case and Jack needs to prove himself to his new superior as well as honour his mentor and friend.
I kind of love Jack Warr. There, I’ve said it. He pushes boundaries and the law to the absolute limit. But he has a heart of gold so I desperately want him to succeed in both his personal and professional lives which blur a little. His mentor Ridley is a friend but also a colleague. His wife Maggie is staunchly supportive but they are both worried about his mum. The relationships are so authentic and genuine.
The ending was great as the threads come together and Jack receives two bits of personal news: one left me with a tear in my eye, and the other a smile but both made me eagerly await the next book…
Pure Evil is an interesting and compelling crime thriller.

Pure Evil book cover

Book blurb:
The brilliantly gripping new thriller from the Queen of Crime Drama, Lynda La Plante – now available to pre-order in hardback, eBook and audiobook.
It was supposed to be a simple case: a young man arrested for armed assault.
But it was just the beginning.
As Rodney Middleton awaits trial, Detective Jack Warr is warned by his mentor DCI Ridley that they have only scratched the surface of the man’s crimes.
Then DCI Ridley is suddenly removed from his post. No one is to contact him – and no one will say why.
As Warr digs into Middleton’s past, Ridley calls pleading for help, now accused of a murder he insists he didn’t commit.
To catch a monster and exonerate his friend, Warr must weed out the lies. But what awaits Warr if he uncovers the truth?

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