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The Couple’s Revenge, by Daniel Hurst

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Guy and Sara have a close relationship with their son Jacob so they know instantly that something is wrong when he starts behaving oddly. Jacob is being bullied and the worried parents decide they have no option but to take matters into their own hands…
The Couple’s Revenge is a psychological thriller that plays on parents’ fears for their children’s mental and physical wellbeing.
Poor Jacob is obviously upset and finally confesses that he is the target of the school bully. This bully left his last school after his victim committed suicide. Jacob’s parents are determined to protect their son at any cost and also prevent any other child suffering at the bully’s hands.
The book is written using the first person perspectives of Guy and Sara via alternating chapters. Their fears and emotions are wonderfully written and I’m sure every parent will identify with the minutiae of their relationship with each other and their child. The prologue gives massive clues about the lengths the parents would go to in order to protect their son, and then the book goes back to show how they came to this terrible choice.
I found that I had to suspend my disbelief when the parents decide to take control of the situation. This didn’t stop me loving the way the plot twisted and I was absolutely gripped. I had several theories about who and why events proceed as they do. I was not disappointed by the resolution which ties up all the loose ends.
The Couple’s Revenge is a tense, dramatic and emotionally engaging psychological thriller.

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The Couple’s Revenge by Daniel Hurst
How far would you go to protect your child?
I knew something was wrong. It’s a mother’s instinct.
I could tell when my son started hiding things from me. He used to walk to school with a mischievous grin on his beautiful face. Now he avoids eye contact and keeps his head down.
Since I discovered he’s being bullied by a classmate, I’ve spent every day worrying, my stomach churning with anxiety from the moment he leaves the house to the second he walks back through the door.
Everyone keeps telling me I’m overreacting, but I won’t risk my child’s safety. My husband and I try to talk to the other boy’s parents, but it only makes things worse…
Then our precious child is hurt. Enough is enough. It has to stop. Even if that means taking matters into our own hands.
Because we know the truth about the family targeting our son – it’s not the first time they’ve done this.
So the question is, exactly how far will we go to get revenge?
A nail-biting, page-turning psychological thriller from the number one bestselling author of The Doctor’s Wife. If you love Behind Closed Doors, Gone Girl and The Housemaid, you’ll be hooked on The Couple’s Revenge.
Buy link: https://geni.us/B0CK2YZX7Bsocial

About Daniel Hurst
Daniel Hurst writes psychological thrillers and loves to tell tales about unusual things happening to normal people. He has written all his life, making the progression from handing scribbled stories to his parents as a boy to writing full length novels in his thirties. He lives in the North West of England, returning to his roots after several years away exploring the world and garnering plenty of ideas for future books!
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