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The Fake Out, by Sharon M. Peterson

The Fake Out book coverMae is working single handedly in a library with a second job in the evening. She is supporting her little sister and mother after their father is sent to prison and her mum had a stroke. One day she finds celebrity football player Chris asleep in her library and an unsual friendship develops…
The Fake Out is a wonderfully warm and funny book about finding love in unlikely places whilst staying true to yourself.
I loved the quirky and antagonistic relationship that develops between Mae and Chris. Mae is such a wonderful character, selflessly caring for her family. I genuinely cared about her and wanted her to find her ‘happy ever after’. Chris also seems like a thoroughly decent human being and supports charities; again, I really cared about him finding happiness.
Mae is self deprecating and very down to earth. She is just soooo easy to like! I have to mention her friend Ali who is hilarious in the way she stands up to Mae’s ex. There were several laugh out loud moments and the tone of the whole book is lighthearted despite dealing with serious topics such as the aftermath of a stroke and the desperate need to pay medical bills (thank goodness for our NHS!)
The book is written from Mae’s first person perspective so we can understand her huge emotions and dilemmas. I also enjoyed the realistic dialogue especially the banter between Mae and Chris. Every chapter starts with a chat up line (they are so cringe but fun!)
The Fake Out is a hugely enjoyable romantic comedy which carefully balances big emotions with laugh out loud moments.
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The Fake Out: An utterly hilarious and totally heart-warming romantic comedy
I can’t lock up the library until the guy asleep at his desk leaves. Thank the universe for audiobooks because I could be here all night. But I see his mouth twitch at the exact moment a steamy kiss takes place. My face burns when I realize my headphones aren’t plugged in and my phone is at full volume.
It’s not every day you see a new face in my small hometown of Two Harts, let alone one belonging to an annoyingly handsome all-star NFL player. But for some reason Chris Sterns has decided that the library where I work is his go-to spot to hide from his mega-fans, and unfortunately, winding me up is his new favorite sport.
Being crowned “world’s sexiest man” has done little to curb his confident charm and when he somehow ropes me into his two-person book club, I can’t help warming to his endless positivity.
But when a photo of him stumbling out of a Las Vegas club with a woman in tow is leaked to the press, I can’t help but question whether his good boy persona is just an act.
And that’s far from the only answer I’m left searching for when Chris pops the question I’ve only ever heard in my favorite romance books. Did he really just ask me to marry him?
It’s not the proposal I was expecting, but with my mom’s medical bills piling up faster than I can pay them, and with the scandal threatening to ruin everything Chris has worked for; could an engagement be the perfect fake out for us both? Or is this a game we’ll both lose?
A totally uplifting and addictive friends-to-lovers romance full of laugh-out-loud moments. Perfect for fans of Emily Henry, Sarah Adams and Olivia Dade.
Buy link: https://geni.us/B0C5MN74P1social
About the author:
Sharon M. Peterson is a former middle school teacher and has the personality to prove it. One of her favorite quotes is from Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath: “It was her habit to build up laughter out of inadequate materials.” She strives to tackle life that way and create characters who do the same. She lives in Washington with her husband and four children, including two autistic sons. Sharon has one cat, two dogs, one tattoo, and an intense fear of poodles (don’t ask). She can usually be found hunched over her computer, creating characters and stories she hopes you’ll love as much as she does.
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