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The Mistress, by Valerie Keogh

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TRIGGER WARNING: domestic violence, infidelity
Hannah regrets dumping Mark 20 years ago and is determined to win him back. The only problem is he is married to Susan…
The Mistress is a psychological thriller set in the UK.
Hannah had a tough start in life and has always used men and then discarded them. Her husband violently attacks her when he discovers she’s been lying to him and Hannah yearns for the happiness she remembers from 20 years ago when she dated Mark. She seeks out Mark with the intention of stealing him from his wife.
Susan, meanwhile, is suffering from empty nest syndrome when her only child goes to university at the other end of the country. She has had a troubled past too and had to support her younger sisters while putting her own life on hold. Now her happiness is at risk again and she will do anything to protect her marriage.
I really liked this book. Both women are damaged by past and present events. Hannah’s chapters are written in the first person and Susan’s from the third person, yet I felt equally immersed in both women’s lives. I wanted both of them to find the happiness they crave to try to make up for the pain in their lives. My sympathy was more aligned with Susan as she has always been selfless whilst Hannah uses her past to excuse her behaviour.
The pace of the plot was spot on for me. There are some big issues handled in this book and I felt that the emotion of the characters was balanced by their open expression of their backgrounds. I thought that both women deserved someone better than Mark who was weak so wasn’t sure how I wanted the plot to conclude. The ending was abrupt and shocking, but wow!
The Mistress was an emotional and tense psychological thriller with an unexpected ending.

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The Mistress
She wants what you have…
Hannah Parker is a woman who always gets what she wants.
When her current husband discovers she has been lying to him – again – she knows it’s time to move on and find someone who can give her the life she desires… The life she knows she deserves…
But who will be the lucky man?
When her eye catches a glimpse of an old flame in a photograph, she’s sure it’s a sign. Mark Shepherd has always been in her thoughts – they’d been happy once, he’d adored her, but she’d made a mistake and let him get away. She won’t make the same mistake again….
Hannah is older now and wiser. She knows what men want and she knows how to keep them happy.
So what if Mark is happily married with a family of his own?
All good things must come to an end…
Purchase Link – https://mybook.to/themistresssocial

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Author Bio –
Valerie Keogh lives in Wiltshire with her husband and a huge black cat, Fatty Arbuckle. She grew up reading Agatha Christie and initially wrote crime novels – she now writes psychological thrillers. The Little Lies was shortlisted for the Crime Fiction Lovers Award 2021
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/valeriekeoghnovels
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ValerieKeogh1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/valeriekeogh2/
Newsletter Sign Up: https://bit.ly/ValerieKeoghNews
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