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The Other Wife, by Danielle Ramsay

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A woman wakes, confused and disorientated. She doesn’t now her name or recognise her surroundings. She is cared for by a housekeeper but has no mempory of her husband or home or even the last few years of her life. She believes she is being kept prisoner and finds evidence that her husband’s first wife may have been murdered…
The Other Wife is an intense and uncomfortable psychological thriller.
The opening chapter had me intrigued but was difficult to comprehend. The timeline then goes back 5 days to show the events immediately before the crisis. Again, there was a lot of confusion due to the narrator’s own mental state.
Initially I didn’t like this book. The woman’s overwhelming fear and confusion was quite unpleasant. The big twist was easy to guess but I couldn’t put the book down and liked it much more once I’d finished it and could see the concept as a whole.
The writing style is vivid and I was utterly absorbed in the lives of the characters. It is written in the first person from a perspective that is very unreliable. There are strong echoes of ‘mad wife’ tropes from Rebecca and Jane Eyre but the book is very modern.
The Other Wife is vividly written but often uncomfortable, powerfully emotional but almost overwhelmingly so.

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The Other Wife
The wife is always the last to know…
What if everything you believed was a lie?
Your life…your marriage…your very existence.
What if the person lying to you is your husband, the man who claims to love you more than anything in the world?
Isolated in his remote Scottish ancestral home on the pretext that you are psychologically fragile and recovering from a breakdown, this home has become a prison. As the days slip by in a haze of confusion and a cocktail of drugs administered by a loyal housekeeper, you begin to piece together the fragments of your life and stumble on a terrifying secret.
What if you discover you weren’t his first wife, and nor will you be the last?
That he plans to replace you, to make you disappear – just like the first wife.
Just how far would you go to save your life and prove your husband’s a murderer?
The new gripping read, perfect for the fans of Louise Candlish and Adele Parks
Purchase Link – https://mybook.to/otherwifesocial
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Author Bio –
Danielle Ramsay is the Scottish author of nine novels. The latest three are standalone psychological thrillers; the first was The Perfect Husband, followed by My Best Friend’s Secret. The third standalone is the psychological suspense, The Other Wife, published in March 2024 and perfect for fans of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca.
Before writing psychological thrillers, Danielle wrote five Jack Brady crime novels set in a small seaside resort in the North East of England. These were followed by a dark thriller, The Last Cut.
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