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The Perfect Home, by Kevin Lynch

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June lives in a quiet street with her teenaged children. She has a strained relationship with her ex but is generally happy. Until a new neighbour arrives, destroying the peace of the street. Things get even worse when another neighbour is murdered and June feels threatened in her own home…
The Perfect Home is a psychological thriller with a strong domestic edge. June’s comfortable life is crushed when Steve moves into the street. He has cars everywhere and music blaring out. She is worried that her daughter seems entranced by him. Meanwhile she fears her son is smoking cannabis and her ex husband is trying to get access to the house.
I felt so angry with June’s children for repeatedly taking their father’s side and acting selfishly. As someone who suffers with noisy neighbours, I was wholeheatedly outraged on her behalf as Steve sweeps in and takes over the road. The book is written from June’s first person perspective which is another reason why it is so easy to identify with her.
Events take a sinister turn as strange things start happening to June’s house and a neighbour is murdered. The plot itself is a little predictable but it was fun to see how the author lets events unfold. I did guess how the strands would merge together for the conclusion but this did not spoil my enjoyment of the book.
The Perfect Home is a enjoyable and sinister psychological thriller and the domestic side makes the characters and situations relevant and relatable.
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Amazon UK  – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Perfect-Home-gripping-psychological-heart-stopping-ebook/dp/B09QT37GYK
Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Home-gripping-psychological-heart-stopping-ebook/dp/B09QT37GYK
The Perfect Home book blurb
It’s a beautiful place to live. Or die.
June is very happy in her home. It’s where she raised her two kids – now college age – and every room is filled with memories, some beautiful, some painful. She loves the garden she has worked so hard to create. She likes her neighbours in this pleasant, leafy suburb.
But lately, something has changed.
There’s the new guy across the street. He seems rough, possibly criminal. And he’s been taking a definite interest in June’s rebellious daughter, Cathy.
And there’s June’s son, Sam. He’s always been open and friendly but recently he’s been sullen and secretive.
Even more disturbing, June’s cheating ex-husband suddenly seems to be everywhere. It’s almost as if he’s stalking her.
Then, when someone she knows is murdered, June begins to understand that all these different things are connected. And as she investigates further, she realises that she herself is in terrible danger.
Because someone out there wants June gone. Permanently.
author Kevin Lynch
Author Bio
Kevin is a Guidance Counselor by day and a psychological thriller author during his off hours. He puts an original slant on some common experiences and creates engaging stories with a personal twist. Kevin lives in Dublin, Ireland with three great kids, a frenetic Westie, Alfie, and a wife who makes him laugh, which is really all he could ask for.
Kevin writes psychological thrillers. The Perfect Home will be his second novel published with Inkubator Books.


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