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The Sinner, by Martyn Waites

The Sinner book coverTom Kilgannon hides a secret past. He is in witness protection after working undercover to ensure gangster Dean Foley ended up behind bars. Now his skills are required again and he is sent to prison to befriend a convicted child killer and find their graves.
Except the prison is the one where Dean is currently residing…
The tension and anticipation of whether Tom and Dean will confront each other is created really effectively. Tom begs for help from the officer running the operation but police corruption means he is stuck in prison at the mercy of the inmates and guards who are mostly on Foley’s payroll.
The Sinner was a deeply fascinating glimpse into prison life and the psychological strength needed to be an undercover cop. There was not a great deal of violence with the exception of one fight scene where Tom is attacked by two inmates. For the most part, the violence isn’t too graphic or occurs outside the scene which leaves it to the imagination of the reader instead.
There is an hilarious line on the first page about UKIP and I really enjoyed Martyn Waites’ tone and style of narrative. There are some parts set in the past to show the relationships between characters which affect action in the present.
Tom is an interesting character and has obviously made some difficult choices in life as part of his undercover role. He has an honesty and integrity that have resulted in him doing the wrong things but for the right reasons to catch criminals.
References are made to events in the past and after finishing The Sinner I discovered it was book 2 in the Tom Kilgannon series. However, this works perfectly well as a stand alone novel.


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About The Sinner:
In prison not everyone is guilty . . .
Tom Killgannon, ex-undercover police officer and now in witness protection, is recalled to active service by a local police task force, headed by DS Sheridan.
His mission is to befriend notorious child killer Noel Cunningham and find out where he buried the bodies of his final two victims. The catch? Tom has to obtain that information from within Blackmoor prison itself. Undercover and with no back-up, Tom soon runs into danger. In the prison is convicted gangster Dean Foley. He used to run Manchester’s biggest gang, until Tom’s testimony put him away for life. He recognises Tom, and so begins a cat-and-mouse game as Tom fights for survival before Foley can get his revenge.
But why can’t Tom reach DS Sheridan and what is the real reason he has been sent to Blackmoor prison?

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