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The Son-In-Law, by Jane E. James

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Beth is delighted when her daughter returns home but she brings her new husband Luke. And Luke used to be married to Beth…
The Son-In-Law is a psychological thriller and family drama set in Wales.
OK so to clarify the family situation. Beth is 50 and her daughter is in her early 20s. Beth’s first husband and Cerys’ dad died a decade ago. Beth was briefly married to Luke who is her age but the marriage colapsed after he repeatedly cheated on her. Luke and Cerys never met as she was travelling abroad but I really struggled to believe that neither of them had ever seen photos of each other. Now Cerys and Luke are married and expecting a baby.
Although it isn’t incest, there is a decided ‘ick’ factor involved for me imagining this scenario. Luke is someone who I instantly loved to hate and the way he moved from mother to daughter was a bit gross. Besides this complicated threeway relationship, the opening chapter hints at other secrets that will be revealed.
The book is written from the alternating first person perspectives of both Beth and Cerys. Both women’s voices were clearly defined and it was easy to get into their heads to understand their thoughts and feelings. They are both determined and strong women which makes it even more surprising that either of them would have looked twice at Luke!
The situation is tense from the start and being thrown together on the remote Welsh farm isn’t enjoyable for any of the trio. Luke seems to thrive on pushing the boundaries at every turn while Beth and Cerys want to appease each other but still get their own way. I was gripped by the plot and characters and found myself reading faster and faster to see how events would play out.
The Son-In-Law is a tense and gripping psychological thriller.

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Book Links
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/199584281-the-son-in-law
Buy Links – https://mybook.to/thesoninlaw-zbt
Book Blurb
I just met my new son-in-law . . . And he’s my ex-husband.
They’re here. I watch them arrive from the kitchen window. My pregnant daughter and her new husband. They’ve barely known each other six months.
I greet him with a tight smile that he recognizes as fake.
Luke is no good for my beautiful, fragile Cerys. He’ll break her heart. I know that because he broke mine — when he was married to me.
I don’t know what he wants. But I’m going to make it my business to find out.
I’ll do anything to keep my daughter safe. Don’t underestimate me.
Author Bio
Jane E. James is a bestselling author who likes to create chilling reads that appeal to fans of psychological suspense thrillers, mysteries, and dark fiction. Her novels are packed with plot twists and turns that keep the reader guessing. All of them are standalone novels.
Jane is an animal lover and lives with her cat, Hero, in a small country village near Stamford, Lincolnshire in the UK, which is known for its quirky tea shops and cobbled streets. Rebecca, Carrie, The Woman in Black and Wuthering Heights are among some of Jane’s favourite reads.
Jane’s Links
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janeejamesauthor
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/janeejamesauthor
Twitter : https://twitter.com/jane_e_james
Website : http://www.janeejames.com

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