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The Web They Wove, by Catherine Yaffe

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DI Andrew ‘Ziggy’ Thornes is called in to investigate the murder of a young woman. Shortly afterwards, her friend disappears too. Are the cases connected and Ziggy is concerned that he has a connection with the chief suspect…
The Web They Wove is a dramatic police thriller that had me hooked. This is only the second novel by this author and I have not read the first, yet Catherine Yaffe writes with confidence and passion.
Ziggy is a great lead character and a dedicated cop. His second marriage has failed and he is struggling to keep things amicable with his ex wife as he repeatedly cancels visits to their son so he can focus on the case. He has good friendships with his colleagues but issues with his superior officer. His general likeability makes the reader warm to him and will him on to success in catching the killer.
The book is written from mulitple third person narratives with the majority being the police developments of the case. There are also disturbing chapters from the viewpoint of the victims and the killer which increase the tension. We are giving insider knowledge of characters’ experiences and emotions so we can understand their motives and actions.
I enjoyed the rapport and respect between the members of the police team, as well as the solid police procedural elements of the investigation. The forensic descriptions are made more emotive as we have seen the terror that led to the death. There are plenty of twists and the plot moves quickly (plus I couldn’t put it down!)
The Web They Wove is an enjoyable serial killer and police thriller and I look forward to more books by this author in the future  I’ll be catching up on the debut novel too!)


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The Web They Wove
Not all killers are who they first seem..
The mutilated body of a young female is found in a popular recreation ground in Leeds city centre. DI Ziggy Thornes and his team are at once assigned to close the case.
With little to no forensic evidence left at the scene at first Ziggy struggles to put the pieces together. When a second body turns up in the same place, Ziggy starts to feel the pressure from his bosses and the media as fear spreads through the city.
Realising that victims have been held captive prior to their deaths, Ziggy delves deeper and relentlessly chases down every lead, taking him close to breaking point.
When the investigation leads him dangerously close to home, will time run out before the tangled web of evil he’s uncovered destroys everything he holds dear?

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UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Web-They-Wove-Tangled-Book-ebook/dp/B0937K58PF/
US – https://www.amazon.com/Web-They-Wove-Tangled-Book-ebook/dp/B0937K58PF/

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Author Bio – Catherine Yaffe is a full-time writer of crime novels, based in the North of England. The Web They Wove is Catherine’s second novel and continues the theme of questioning how well we know those around us. Her debut novel ‘The Lie She Told’ in October ‘20 was received with widespread acclaim, and so far, has gained over 50 five star reviews across Goodreads and Amazon. 
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