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The Woman Who Ran For The Hills, by Carmen Reid

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Jen is pretty happy with her life in London with a good job and romantic relationship with her boss. Until she gets a call from her boss’ wife who tells her she is pregnant with twins. Jen realises Jono has been lying to her for months and runs home to Scotland to escape her job and lover…
The Woman Who Ran For The Hills is a warmly written book about fresh starts.
I really felt for Jen as her happy life crumbles. She truly believed Jono’s lies that he was separated from his wife so the news that he is about to become a father again is devastating. It also means she has to leave her job too as he was her boss. Jen travels home to her dad in Scotland but finds that she has other issues to deal with such as her estranged sister. She reconnects with old friends who are eager for her to heal her heart by finding love again.
The book is written in the first person so we see Jen’s heartache and emotional journey. I really wanted her to find happiness so she can forget about Jono’s betrayal and face the future. She also has to swallow her pride, confront the past and make an effort to reconcile with her sister. None of this is easy but the light hearted tone of the narration and the gentle humour makes this a positive and uplifting read.
The Woman Who Ran For The Hills was a richly emotional book and I fully engaged with Jen’s story.
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The Woman Who Ran for the Hills
Jennifer McAndrew thinks she’s living her best life in London – wonderful man, great job, happily child-free. Except the ‘wonderful man’ turns out to have a secret that ruins everything…
Shocked and devastated, Jen doesn’t know what to do. So, she packs her bags and runs for the hills – away from her problems, all the way to her childhood home in Scotland and the safety of her dad.
But her dad is a changed man. Busy with his girlfriend, golf and G&Ts, he doesn’t have time for Jen’s worries. And she can’t see her sister, Isla, who she fell out with years ago.
So, Jen rekindles friendships with her old school pals, Alison and Rory. They’re juggling work and young families, but still find time to take her out and set her up with some terrible dates.
The more time she spends with Rory and his daughters, the more Jen thinks there could be something big missing from her life. But could she ever go back to small town life? And can she forgive what happened in the past? Should a good friend become something more?
The biggest question for Jen is – will she try to solve her problems, or will she cut and run for the hills again?
Another brilliant laugh out loud emotional read, perfect for fans of Fiona Gibson, Tracy Bloom and Sophie Ranald!
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Author Bio –
Carmen Reid is the bestselling author of numerous woman’s fiction titles including the Personal Shopper series starring Annie Valentine. After taking a break from writing she is back, introducing her hallmark feisty women characters to a new generation of readers. She lives in Glasgow with her husband and children.


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