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Two Little Souls, by B.R. Spangler

Two Little Souls book cover
Detective Casey White discovers two small children on an adrift boat on the ocean. They say little except that their parents have been killed. Soon after, Casey locates the parents’ boat and two dead bodies. The mother was a cop and was fleeing to save her family from her latest serial killer case…
Two Little Souls is the 9th detective and crime thriller book to feature Casey White, her team and family.
This case is hugely emotive due to the involvement of two small children. They witnessed their parents’ murders and were then almost killed themselves as they floated on a dangerous sea. Casey is also deeply affected by the case as it is a fellow detective who has been targeted. The forensic information is quite unpleasantly detailed and the characters also have a revulsion at what they experience.
Most of the book is written from Casey’s first person viewpoint but there are some chapters which show the victim and killer interacting. This increases the tension as we anticipate another murder. I had no idea on the identity of the killer and was anxiously waiting for Casey to piece together the clues and catch them. The writing is fast paced, with short chapters so you are tempted to read just one (or two!) more at each sitting!
On a personal level, Casey made a big decision in the last book and the team seem ready to split and move according to their hearts. But this is not without doubts and soul searching, especially as the team is so strong together.
Two Little Souls is a tense detective thriller.
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Two Little Souls: An absolutely addictive mystery thriller (Detective Casey White Book 9)
Two children clutch each other tight, huddled together on a tiny raft and shivering in the ocean wind. Fear fills their matching hazel eyes. Slowly, little Tommy whispers: “We saw them kill Mommy and Daddy.”
Detective Casey White’s heart shatters when she finds Tabitha and Tommy Roth, just three and six years old, drifting alone on a raft off the coast of the Outer Banks. The children witnessed the murder of their own parents before escaping on a life raft. As Casey clutches them tight she promises to fight for justice.
Combing the coastline Casey finds an abandoned yacht, the broken bodies of a man and woman on board. Ransacking the boat for clues, when Casey sees Sara Roth’s police ID badge her blood runs cold. The children’s mother was a detective from another state. But who would want to tear apart this beautiful family?
Casey soon learns that Sara was tracking down a dangerous murderer who dressed their victims up like dolls. As Sara closed in on the killer, was she silenced forever?
When the body of a young woman perfectly arranged like a doll is found on a nearby beach—her lips and fingernails painted crimson, her hair perfectly combed—Casey is certain that whoever murdered the Roths is now stalking the Outer Banks.
With local women terrified and the whole community desperate for answers, Casey is on the trail of the most twisted killer of her career. But the closer she gets to the truth, the more danger little Tommy and Tabitha are in…
Fans of Lisa Jackson, Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh won’t be able to put down this pulse-pounding crime thriller that will have you racing through the pages late into the night.
Buy link: https://geni.us/B0C3VYXLJDsocial
About the author:
By day, B.R. Spangler pushes pixels, typing lines of code. When he’s not developing software, or elbows deep in hardware, he is writing stories, plotting thrillers, or reading.
B.R. Spangler lives in Virginia with his wife and kids, as well as five cats, a parrot, a finch, a lizard.
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