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What Would Jane Austen Do? by Linda Corbett

What Would Jane Austen Do? book coverMaddy’s life is in turmoil when she is given the surprising news that she has inherited a house from the black sheep of the family. However, cousin Nigel has included the stipulation that she has to live there for a whole year…
What Would Jane Austen Do? is a warm and lighthearted book about fresh starts and new love.
Maddy is a huge fan of Jane Austen and uses the great author to give advice and guide her life choices as her books are just as relevant today as they were nearly 200 years ago. Maddy locks horns with crime author Cameron and she finds he is her new neighbour when she inherits Nigel’s house.
I loved the discussion about the philosophy of reading and writing books. Why do we read books of certain genres? Are our expectations governing the author’s writing? Are crime novels and romance novels equally predictable in that they conclude with a solution? Would we be satisfied if they didn’t? Is predictability a bad thing?!
The writing style is easy to read and I liked the antagonism that leads to a romantic spark between the two main characters. There is a light tone to the book and touches of humour as Maddy throws herself into her new life.
What Would Jane Austen Do? is an enjoyable book and I liked the Jane Austen theme.
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What Would Jane Austen Do?
It’s a truth often acknowledged that when a journalist and Jane Austen fan girl ends up living next door to a cynical but handsome crime writer, romantic sparks will fly!
When Maddy Shaw is told her Dear Jane column has been cancelled she has no choice but to look outside of London’s rental market. That is until she’s left an idyllic country home by the black sheep of the family, long-not-so-lost Cousin Nigel.
But of course there’s a stipulation… and not only is Maddy made chair of the committee for the annual village literary festival, she also has to put up with bestselling crime author –and romance sceptic – Cameron Massey as her new neighbour.
When Maddy challenges Cameron to write romantic fiction, which he claims is so easy to do, sparks fly both on and off the page…
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Author Bio – Linda Corbett lives in Surrey with her husband Andrew and three permanently hungry guinea pigs. As well as being an author, Linda is a member and former Treasurer of Shine Surrey – a volunteer-led charity that supports individuals and families living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. For many years she also wrote a regular column for Link, a disability magazine, illustrating the humorous aspects of life with a complex disability, and she is a passionate advocate of disability representation in fiction. When not writing, Linda can be found papercrafting, gardening, or cuddling guinea pigs. What Would Jane Austen Do? is her second published novel.
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