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  1. Hi Laura, I expect Ollie loves his new family even if one is under two feet tall. Until a few years ago I would have said I was very much a dog person (we have five), but that was until Ugg turned up with her kittens and adopted us. To cut a long story short (I can! I can!) she was a feral cat that turned up pregnant. We couldn’t go near her and when we found her kittens she took them away. One morning I opened our back door to find her nursing five kittens (that all fled to the woodpile) and slowly over the years she has grown to trust us. We had her spayed and she lives happily patrolling the woodpiles and shed. Until Ugg I never thought of cats as being super intelligent, but she is and she’s so low maintenance it’s great. .. So to answer your question I wouldn’t say I have a preference as both animals offer something different.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  2. I’m a dog person but thanks to my best friend’s mom grew up with cats wandering around me from an early age and even used to sneak the neighbor’s cat into our apt all the time. My friend’s mom loved all animals and that rubbed off on me. I’ve had my cousin’s cat for most of the past year and am just now learning a few things I always suspected about them, especially that they need to play as much as a black lab, the ultimate playing machine.
    It’s nice you’ve been exposed to both and sounds as if Ollie is part of the family.

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