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Movies (#Blogtober17 day 13)

This summer I took Matthew and Anya to the cinema for the first time and we watched Despicable Me 3. It was a big event for all of us and I was really pleased it went well (plus the film was hilarious with its 80s references and music!)


The film I am looking forward to the most this year is Star Wars Episode VIII. I am a huge fan and the release date coincides with Chris birthday so a perfect excuse for a date! Plus I’m sure there will be a Lego advent calendar before then to keep the anticipation high…

I tend to like series of films rather than ones that stand alone. For example, Die Hard, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter. I think this is because I make an investment in the characters and like to follow their stories. These films also all have an element of humour too which isn’t forced like comedy movies. I used to enjoy horror films as a teenager but seem to have grown out of this now (ancient…) I loved the Scream series for the irony and comedy whilst also containing horror but I haven’t watched them in about 10 years!

We rarely get the chance to go to the cinema but actually I’m a grumpy old woman and get annoyed at other people talking or eating during the show so it’s probably just as well that we watch films at home instead 🙂
How about you? What are your film favourites?

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