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#MySundayPhoto school’s out 2018

Last year I took the first pic on the way home from the last day of school. Anya finished preschool and was headed to infant school after the summer while Matthew was leaving that infant school to go to junior school.
It has been an amazing year for them both and they have flourished under fantastic teachers.
Meanwhile, Zach has started preschool and now completed a term there. The staff have been incredible with him and never gave up when he wasn’t settling and I was despairing. Now he runs in there, eager to play and learn and doesn’t care when I leave.
I can’t believe how grown up they all are! Happy summer holidays everyone!


  1. Oh it’s frightening isn’t it Laura? My youngest was about to have her final few weeks of freedom before starting school this time last year. She’s now reading, writing and really enjoyed reception. I guess there will be another similar pic next year too? #mysundayphoto

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