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Pride comes before a fall (not so happy Easter Monday 17th April)

This is not the post I wanted or planned to be writing.
I was all excited and planned to do some celebratory gloating. But I can’t 🙁

You see, I was going to write and film me enjoying Aldi‘s Chocies Easter egg. I have not eaten Smarties in years because they have wheat in them 🙁 so I was beyond excited to find Aldi do their own version of chocolate counters that are wheat free.
Finally after all those years of waiting!
I was all set to break into it and devour it this morning when…I double checked the ingredients and found out the counters are not vegetarian 🙁 They contain shellac which is a resin secreted by bugs. The Vegetarian Society states that shellac is considered vegetarian but the packaging of the egg does not specify whether the shellac is collected in a way that is suitable so I decided to go without.
So please Aldi, please, in time for next year, please liaise with the Vegetarian Society to get your Chocies egg approved and save me (and others) from another restricted Easter!
PS Aldi well done for making them wheat free. By the way the mini chocolate eggs are fab!



  1. Oh no what a shame! I was a vegetarian for a long time and it came as a huge surprise to me where you would find animal products in strange foods. Humans are so weird really, why do we eat food with bug secretion in it?!

  2. How interesting – I’m a vegetarian and though haven’t tried these Easter eggs I don’t always remember to check food items that I would usually consider to be completely vegetarian.

  3. Jen

    I find it annoying when a product contains something unsuitable. Makes me wonder how an Easter egg cannot be vegetarian and wheat free. So it is a shame you did without, particularly as you were looking forward to it. There was a time when I was vegan, wheat free and nut free. Finding an Easter egg that year was near impossible. That said, I’m not a chocolate person, so not too bad to go without.

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