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World Chocolate Day 7th July

Oh yes, it’s true! An actual day to celebrate chocolate and therefore chocoholics 🙂
I don’t think of myself as a sweet person (tastes and personality!) I can go months without having a chocolate but then at other times I could sit and eat bar after bar or a whole box.
So here are my thoughts on chocolate:
  • Chocolate reminds me of Christmas, family traditions from my own childhood and now for my own children. Breaking out some special chocs. Chocolate coins in our stockings, yum!

  • I actually have a mocha everyday so maybe I do need a daily chocolate fix…

  • Chocolate is art. Whether is is a beautifully decorated truffle or a fabulous dessert, the craftsmanship that goes into chocolate creations is amazing.

  • Allergen free and diabetic chocolate are making chocs accessible to those who might normally be denied it. My allergy consultant has warned that I grow into allergies and dairy could be next… 🙁

  • Hot chocolate on a winter’s night surrounded by family and friends, perfect way to warm up

  • Easter eggs, again the link to my childhood and family traditions. I have to share my creme eggs now 🙁

So how about you? What role does chocolate play in your life?


  1. Hurrah for world chocolate day!! I didn’t know there was such a thing! I love the strong 70% chocolate for a really good chocolate fix. #foodiefriday

  2. I LOVE chocolate, but I don’t eat refined sugar, so I get whole food store alternatives! My fave is Supertreats Carob Bar with Orange & Chia Seeds which is amazing! I love orange chocolate so love that I don’t have to miss out and the chia seeds make it crunchy 🙂 The only downside is it’s almost £2 and the bar is really small! It makes it a rare, but amazing treat #thelistlinky

  3. I am a massive choco lover I used to need chocolate every single day although that has changed as I’ve just come off a detox but I do love chocolate so much!

  4. Jasmin N

    Chocolate does have a quite little role in my life. So far there has been only one chocolate that I actually like and it’s Karl Fazer Blue milk chocolate. 😀 I’ve never enjoyed eating any sweets or candy or well, chocolate. Although, I love Karl Fazer Blue.

  5. I am not a chocoholic but there are certain times of the month that I crave it. I used to love dark chocolate but I have moved to Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut now

  6. I am the biggest chocolate fan you’ll ever meet, I could (and slightly do) live on the stuff. Apparently though it’s hideous for the waistline. I’m estatic that there is a World Chocolate Day! Might change the date to some day next week for the purposes of getting hubby to treat me! Any excuse! #BloggerClubUK

  7. I can’t go to bed without some form of chocolate in my mouth! And not the fancy stuff either. I’m talking about Oreos, Peanut M&Ms or Double Stuffed Oreos. Maybe a brownie…it’s my happy stuff!!!


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