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The summer the dinosaurs invaded the south of England…

Now I don’t want to worry anyone but the dinosaurs have come back! Several of the places close to our home were full of toothy dinos this summer!
On a serious note, we have loved exploring our local towns and attractions to keep the kids entertained this summer. It was a great idea and really captured the imagination of the whole family.
Bracknell’s Lexicon had the biggest animatronic in the UK come to visit: a t rex! It really was imposing as you walk towards it. I wish they had had more dinosaurs dotted around the town centre!

Fleet’s dinosaur collection was much more varied. The town had a trail around the whole place with dinosaurs spaced around, in and out of shops and buildings. All of the dinosaurs were static models but the idea of searching for the shops and finding them kept us occupied for over an hour.

Farnborough also had some dino events but we were unable to attend any of them 🙁
Camberley had 2 locations with animatronic dinos and they were very popular. The shopping centre also offered a number of sessions to entertain children over the summer and a quiz to complete and earn a prize.


Marwell Brickosaurs was a full day event with my parents in tow. We had previously enjoyed the Brick Safari (how on earth was that 2 years ago?!) so were excited to see the dinosaur builds and were not disappointed. Here are some of the more famous dinosaur species for you to enjoy (can you name them all?)

Did your local area have a dinosaur invasion this summer? Of course we also saw a real T Rex skeleton in Glasgow


  1. So awesome! My boys would’ve loved all those different attractions. We’ve had a few dinosaur exhibitions, displays etc here in Nottingham, but the kids don’t understand that they’re temporary, which can sometimes cause a bit of drama….! #stayclassymama

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