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Wheat and gluten free bread in a pan!

Chris got all experimental on me! During our February Food Challenge, he tried out recipes for making bread in a frying pan. They were all delicious!
Now I have seized the reins and been trying different ratios. It’s become a daily adventure!

The nonsensical bowl used in the recipe in the video is one third of a cup which equates to about 80ml or 5 and a half tablespoons.
Ingredients: one third of a cup of self raising flour, one third of a cup of water, pinch of salt, splash of oil and some oil for the pan.
Method: mix the ingredients to form a runny batter. Heat the oil in the pan and pour batter in. Cook for 2-3 minutes then flip over and cook the other side for 2-3 minutes. Eat and enjoy!
I have found that doubling the flour and water results in a thick bread that actually has a decent crumb! The consistency varies slightly based on how much oil I’ve added to the batter or how much in the pan. This bread also works with less water and making a dough but this then needs rolling or flattening which increases the time required.


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