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An insider’s guide to being vertically challenged

OK so I am not the shortest person I know (hi, little sister!) but a lot of people tower over my 5 foot 1 and three quarters.
Last week on the way to invigilate an exam, I was surrounded by students who were all considerably taller than me and I think they were only about 13! Even at home, the kids are starting to gain on me and judging by the charts my older 2 will be 4-8 inches taller than me!
So what have I learnt about the world from my shorter perspective?
Well, shelves and cupboards are a nightmare.

Being on the Tube with your face in someone’s armpit is not exactly pleasant.
Changing the beds is tough because my arms aren’t long enough to reach the corners of the duvet easily, plus folding the sheets requires standing on the sofa.
I worry about having greasy hair or dandruff as people can easily see the top of my head 🙂
Buying clothes is a pain, especially trousers and I think I have only ever owned one maxi dress in my whole life. Don’t get me started on the search for a wedding dress
But it isn’t all bad!
Being short means I can buy children’s clothes for myself which can be cheaper. Plus all my clothes still fit me even after more than 20 years!
It is easier to snuggle up in bed as my feet don’t stick out the end, perfect for winter! Also being able to fit my entire body stretched out in the bath, yay! Tough luck Chris!
Leg room when travelling, woohoo!

And speaking of legs, I think mine look fab in a short skirt and heels!
I laugh cavalierly at ‘mind your head’ signs or low hanging branches 🙂
Other people are often really helpful and let me get to the front so I can see properly or kindly reach things down for me (thank you everyone!)
To be perfectly honest, I am  completely happy with my height. Yes, occasionally I wish that I could have an extra couple of inches, but most of the time I love my size and best of all I am a perfect fit for Chris!


  1. Haha! I am an inch shorter than you! But this is considered the average height of women over here on our side of the pond!

    Being petite has its advantages; I bet people think you look a lot younger than your age!


  2. Love your article. It is quite encouraging. I am glad people are generally nice to you and let you to the front. I think my daughter may grow up to be vertically challenged. How did you find things from this perspective growing up as a child?

  3. It’s good to list the positives in a situation. It’s not like you can change your height, I’m glad you like it. I am about average height (5’5″), and when I was growing up, all my friends were shorter than me. It made me feel like an awkward giant. I always wished I was shorter! 🙂

  4. lovely post – i hadn’t though of all those ‘problems’ never mind the benefits 😉 I’m 5ft 4 which in my late teens used to be the average girl height. However in my household theres hubby 6ft 1, youngest son 6ft 3, middle son 6ft 5 and eldest son 6ft 4 so relatively speaking I can feel like a titch. Actually the boys all have girlfriends ranging from 4ft 11 to 5ft 2 so I’m actually the tallest 😉 #globalblogging

  5. Hello Shorty! (although you are 3/4 inch taller than me). I think you missed something. Short people are more intelligent and better at problem-solving. The proof? We are adept at getting things down from the kitchen cupboard using a salad spoon, a breadknife and our wits. We are short, but resilient. On a desert island, it’s we Shorties who would get everything sorted. #GlobalBlogging

  6. I feel you on this! I am 5ft and my teenager towers over me while my youngest is catching up to me. He will probably be taller than me by the end of the year and he will be 12 by then too lol #GlobalBlogging

  7. I am a similar height to you and it frustrates me when I can’t reach for things easily. You’ve just reminded me of what Warwick Davis has said about height too. #GlobalBlogging

  8. I am 5’5 but my mother is only 5’2, she is so adorable when she sits in a chair and her feet don’t touch. You are totally right about more leg room, she loves that the most! #GlobalBlogging

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