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Covid strikes again!

Exactly a month after Matthew and Anya tested positive for Covid, now I’ve got it!
I had a vague ill feeling in the back of my nose and throat on Sunday but didn’t feel too bad so headed into work on Monday. I was surprised that the number of Covid cases among the children at school had jumped considerably and several cases were reported. It seems incredible that restrictions are lifted and free testing is scheduled to end!
Over the course of the day my nose became increasingly sniffly. As soon as I got home I did a test and there was a faint but definite line. POSITIVE!

There was a sudden flurry of reporting to the NHS, work, my parents etc.
Over the course of the evening, I felt more and more ill. I think I relaxed and allowed myself to be poorly rather than keeping going for the sake of others. Yes, I felt guilty about letting people down and this manifested itself in vomiting (my anxiety has been a real struggle over the last few months but has been improving so I was disappointed to be back to this again!)
By bed time, I felt decidedly ill. Everything started to ache and my eyeballs throbbed. The temperature regulation of my body appeared to have broken and I was both hot and sweaty and cold and shivery at the same time. My nose and throat were not good and my chest felt tight so breathing felt forced. I’m not sure if this is the Covid affecting my asthma or my asthma reacting to Covid. I admit to giving in to negative thoughts as I lay in bed struggling for breath, worrying about giving Covid to others or leaving my children motherless.
But anyway, I got over myself and made it through the night *roll eyes at own ridiculousness* . I have accepted that I am ill and going to look after myself. Once I’ve tackled the washing…


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  2. Oh No! I hope you’re okay. It may not be anxiety that caused the vommiting. Some of my friends got COVID and thought it was gastro because they got less cold like symptoms but nausea and vomitting…it’s so weird how it’s so different for different people. Hope you’re past the worst of it. Get well soon #Dreamteam

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