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The Lockdown Silver Linings Tag

The current lockdown situation is one that none of us would have chosen. But we need to stay positive and Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy has started the Lockdown Silver Lining tag to help us focus on the special things that are making the current time bearable.
First of all, the main silver lining is that I am safe at home with my husband and children. I am skyping my mum and dad almost everyday, and my sister twice a week.
I had been missing spending time with the children due to the extra work I took on in February so this has been the perfect opportunity to reconnect and enjoy time with them.

I have enjoyed more time in the kitchen and the kids have too! Again, it gives us the chance to spend time together and then eat something yummy as an extra bonus!

Our home learning schedule has proved reassuring to me and the kids. PE with Joe allows us to exercise together, even though we are all knackered afterwards there is a huge sense of accomplishment.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful so we have spent lots of time outdoors on bikes and scooters as well as doing shadow drawing and Easter egg hunts.

We unveiled the Nintendo Switch which we were saving until the second week of Easter holidays but decided to treat ourselves early.
Our final silver lining is that Zach still had a wonderful birthday on Friday. He helped to make the cake and we were joined by family on Skype to sing to him and see him open his presents.

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  1. Being stay at home during lock down this a great way to spent time specially with kids. Weather has been absolutely beautiful i thin best of the year. Hope this pandemic will end soon. Stay safe.

  2. That’s lovely. There really are some upsides that we maybe didn’t realise at first. Our school sets PE with Joe too. The whole world is using it apparently. That will turn into one of those weird shared memories that is universal when these kids are adults…Ha! #GlobalBlogging

  3. Teaching your kids to look for the silver linings is an important lesson. You found lots of them to share with us today. I think one of my main silver linings is that I live with my running partner (my hubby) so we can still run together without social distancing. It has given us more time to explore new paths.

  4. That’s a nice bunch of positives! I think it’s a great example to the kids. too. My d-i-l made a video of our grandson opening our Easter basket from us, so that was nice even though we were sad about not being together. His birthday is this week, so we’re thankful for FaceTime to participate in that.

  5. I think for any of us lucky enough to not be sick or bereaved, the lockdown brings pros and cons and emotional highs and lows. It is certainly a time as you are finding when special memories can be made. #GlobalBlogging

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