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Easter egg hunt: fun with Zuru surprise eggs

Confession time… I have never done an Easter egg hunt with the kids! But being home all the time at the moment has resulted in more attempts to have fun and play outside, so thanks to Zuru the kids did their first Easter egg hunt, chocolate free!

We were kindly sent a fabulous bundle of surprise toys from Zuru and I managed to keep them hidden until the hunt! Matthew and Anya snagged the big Smasher epic dino egg and Rainbocorn egg while Zach was thrilled with the smaller surprise balls. So let’s see what was inside…

First Matthew smashed the outer egg shell to discover an egg sac full of fun! Inside were 6 mini Smashers, sand, slime, putty, rock and lava all containing parts of the skeleton. There is also a map with a trail to follow which tells you which order to complete the bone search. You do find out which big dinosaur you’ll be getting in the instructions so if you don’t want to know then put them aside until the end!

Matthew began by hurling the mini Smashers down the garden and another hunt took place, this time impromptu, to find the lost dinos!


Next we started on the activities to uncover the fossil bones.

Dinosaur assemble! Matthew did require a little help to put the triceratops together and I would recommend making sure that the connection holes are clear of any sand/slime/rock so they fit together properly.

Time for the Rainbocorn and Anya was delighted to reveal a unicorn (I love the horse shoes on the feet, a lovely little detail!) The heart on the outside of the egg has two way sequins and attaches to the tum of the big toy inside.

Other surprises include a mini Rainbocorn in an egg (we got a super cute purple lion), stickers, unicorn poop (strange consistency: kind of sand, kind of dough) and a beautiful pearlescent bracelet which could also be used as a hair accessory.

There were three types of Zuru surprise balls and Zach started with blue for a boy. The ball splits into 5 segments with a surprise in each. There is a collector guide included.

My personal favourite was the toilet but Zach loved the cars and biting sharks!
Anya couldn’t resist the pull of the pink and purple balls so joined Zach to open them.

The unicorn surprise balls have one half for the main part of the unicorn and three smaller segments for the accessories, stickers and more unicorn poop!



The small Zuru balls can be put back together and used as a ball. The larger eggs are good for storage whilst the mini Smashers eggs can be reassembled using the nest for support.
The kids and I had a wonderful few hours opening all of the surprises. In particular, the dino egg has soooo many fun activities to do that I think it is really good value for money. The Rainbocorn really taps into what girls want: sequins, sparkles, jewellery! Obviously there are no such thing as girl toys and boy toys but my older two children definitely fit into the stereotypical gender concept whilst Zach would be just as happy with a dinosaur or unicorn!
Our first Easter egg hunt was great fun and the toys will last a lot longer than chocolate! Once Easter is out of the way, this would still be a fun way to spend time together while we are at home social distancing to stay safe.
All of the toys are available from Smyths and other toy retailers.

*We were sent these toys for the purpose of this review. All opinions and photos are my own.


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