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To the girl crying in the exam…

To the girl crying in the exam,
Don’t: it isn’t worth it.

It is an exam. It doesn’t judge what kind of person you are or how special your life is.
The question may seem daunting but remember, everyone starts at 0. You can only gain marks, not lose them.
Write about what you know. Use the skills you have been taught. Impress the reader with YOUR voice even if you don’t fully answer the question.
Exams are meant to make us nervous. Everyone feels the same. You are putting more pressure on yourself than anyone else will ascribe to you.
Be your best, not the best.
I am a mum, I was willing you to succeed in the same way as I would my own children. To dust yourself down and carry on.
I was so proud of you walking back into that room, facing your demons as much as you were facing the exam. That told me more about you than any exam grade ever will.

So what should you do if the questions don’t fall your way?
Work to your strengths. Shuffle your answer to incorporate the things you DO know.
My uncle answered a completely different topic to that which he had studied and passed. A man in my uni class loved medieval England and turned any topic round to that (even when we studied Nazism!)
Exams offer the chance to demonstrate skills which are just as important as the knowledge associated with the subject area.
So, don’t give up. Try, just give it a bloody good try!

Success doesn’t mean academic achievement. It means being proud of the person you see in the mirror. It means being someone that others trust and love.
The tears, the worry will soon be gone. You are so much more and so much better than these exams are ever capable of showing.
Best wishes from the invigilator


  1. Aww! It makes me so sad that 15 or 16 year old’s are ending up in tears during the exams.
    Thankfully my teen seems to be coping OK. We’ve had a few wobbles but she’s doing good.
    Fantastic advice x

  2. We put so much pressure on young people. We’ve really mucked them up. I tried to take all the stress off my daughter in her final exams – she’d had a few early offers into Uni and still she would work herself up into a state! Fortunately on the day she was fine, but it was a real insight into the pressure they get (from society). I think we need to focus better. It’s never the be all and end all. All roads lead to Rome, eventually. #Stayclassymama

  3. This was such a touching post! Whilst I appreciate exams have there place I hate the stress, worry and pressure they put on our kids all for a grade. How can you measure 10++ years of a childs learning, educations, triumphs and successes through a few pieces of paper and a plethora of questions, it just isn’t right. I am not looking forward to the time my kids have to do these exams but will hopefully do my best to help them get through them as easily as possible! x

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