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Oh, pants! And a giveaway!

As I mentioned in my post to kick off the year, Zach is rapidly approaching the potty training stage. My mum goes on about how me and my sister were both potty trained at 13 months. Well, we were marvelous, weren’t we?! My kids were not that perfect and waited until they were 2 and a half.
Zach will happily sit on the potty and once did a tiny wee by accident but apart from that he is showing no sign of being ready.

To help him get used to the idea, I have been reading the Underpants collection by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. They are huge fun and the older children love reading them as well. Apparently pants are hysterically funny. The illustrations are beautiful and bright so they engage little ones. Each book has drama and resolution, and a lot of pants!
I have a 3 book bundle to give away to one lucky reader!
For your chance to win Dinosaurs in Underpants, Monsters in Underpants and Pirates in Underpants, enter below:

Win 3 Underpants books by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

Open to UK residents and postal addresses only.


  1. Oh my word, what an adorable picture! Those books look amazing!!! I should get those for my last little one. Good luck with the comp, I will have to check them out on Amazon! #globalblogging

  2. Dad

    We are just hitting potty training stage. Today I had the great pleasure of scooping a poo right up off the bathroom floor! Those books look like a good idea! #globalblogging

  3. what a cute pic. My son used to sit on his potty for hours reading books and watching movies. Now he’s 20 he still seems to be on the loo hours, …i guess using social media

  4. Lol, I think it’s funny your mum has such a good memory about her own clever parenting skills, mine is the same. I love the peg picture too, kids are so cute at that age, except for when they poop in their pants. Good luck, they get it right eventually and it’s such a huge relief not to buy nappies. Until you panic about finding toilets for your toddler!

  5. Lol I think it’s so funny how your mum has such clear memories of her better parenting skills, my mum would be the same! I love the pegging picture, you obviously have a very creative child! Good luck with the potty training.

  6. That’s adorable. My son had a book with the word underwear in it and he thought it was the best book ever. Ha! Love the shirt with 100 pegs. Also adorable.

  7. My mum says something similar….bonkers! I expect we were just popped onto the potty every hour and we just went! Bless us all!
    I love these books; my class also love them. I won’t enter just because I have teenagers now but they are awesome and they are recommended! Congrats on being a host!
    Thank you for posting. #globalblogging

  8. I remember when my two girls were potty trained. My eldest daughter trained quickly but we struggled with my youngest one. Not all kids grasp this in a flash so we need to be patient and not put too much pressure on them. Love the book idea – this is a great giveaway.#globalblogging.

  9. I’ve heard so many positive things about these books! I can’t believe we don’t own any of the collection already. Ekk potty training, I remember this well. Once you come out the other end, going out without the nappy bag will be amazing!!! Good luck. #GlobalBlogging

  10. Visiting from #globalblogging! My kids are thankfully far away from the potty training stage–11 and 14. I will tell you this: my daughter pretty much potty trained herself. I don’t even remember it. But my son was a nightmare about it, LOL.

  11. I used to love those potty training books for kids. I would have my boys read them while they were sitting on the potty. My oldest was potty trained at 3 and it didn’t take long at all for the whole process but my youngest took much longer. There were medical issues involved but I still loved using those books:) Thanks so much for hosting #globalblogging

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