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#Project365 week 13

There has been a lot of grey skies and rain this week! School finally finished for the Easter holidays on Thursday afternoon and then we headed to the seaside to visit Chris’ mum.
Day 84: after managing to get out of the house to go to the Ultimate Chocolate Workshop and have a date with Chris, I wanted to do something for the children so we headed to Bracknell to the playground and McDonalds. Zach fell in love with a stick and was heartbroken to leave it behind!

Day 85: Matthew (with extremely messy hair that desperately needs a cut) taking part in a cornet concert at school.

Day 86: eugh I hate mud! I am not a naturally outdoors type person and times like this make me wish I’d stayed inside!

Day 87: I complained to Chris that we have no flowers and he managed to locate our single pot! I’m not a fan of the colour yellow but these daffodils really do lift the spirit on a grey day.

Day 88: Zach thought he was terribly clever to walk around on the dining table but I was VERY unimpressed.

Day 89: time for more music! This time Anya and Zach at Grandma’s

Day 90: a walk to the beach at Dymchurch


  1. i think you need some boots for the UK weather, I had to chuckle at Zach being upset leaving his stick behind, had that many times with my kids over the years, it’s the end of the world isn’t it?

  2. I have a table sitter and walker too – although mine should know better at age 7! I feel like that about our lack of flowers. But as least we have the inlaws’ ones on the farm to look at.

  3. sorry I had to laugh, we all do it me included, take the photograph before removing them from the table or where ever they are they should not be.
    Ours collect and take home sticks as well, Dinky had loads the other week and left a stick trail home from the park.
    You need walking boots and then the mud would not be an issue

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