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#Project365 week 17 feeling sunny

The weather has been deteriorating again this week but my mood has been quite sunny as I’m finally starting to feel better. My vertigo is improving very slowly and that makes everyone happy 🙂
Day 112: I was so surprised to receive this from one of my jobs to wish me get well soon. Love the bright colours.

Day 113: this balloon is 2 months old! Zach loves it and I think his static hair is very funny!

Day 114: a baking triumph: scotch pancakes. I make normal pancakes but not tried these before as I thought they were tricky but now I know how easy they are to make!

Day 115: this is our second cherry tree: it has blossom so we haven’t killed it like the last one, yay!

Day 116: happy sunny mood and wearing my Mama Be Kind t shirt, ready to face the day with a smile.

Day 117: proud mummy alert! Anya was awarded her smiley face badge and certificate at school.

Day 118: so excited that the children are ready to start their Harry Potter experience! I remember the excitement of waiting at the shop until midnight for the release of the final book. I bought them their own set as I’m a bit protective of my first editions!


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  2. lovely flowers, that was very kind of them. we’ve got 2 balloons left over from easter, the cat got tired of chasing them, going to see how long they last now out of interest

  3. Glad you’re starting to feel better. How lovely to start on Harry Potter with the children. My boys were reluctant to read them at first, but they soon got hooked and read the books over and over again. My daughter could never be persuaded to read them herself, or to have me read them to her.

  4. I can’t wait to introduce Harry Potter to N. He’s too young at the moment to get past the first book I think, and he doesn’t seem interested at the moment.

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