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#Project365 week 33

We have been taking it easy most of the week to recover form the wedding, a whole week has gone already since we said our vows! I have been ridiculously excited to change our marital status on Facebook and practise my new signature.
Day 224: the day after our wedding, we had friends and family over to our house for a party and were able to show off our new canvas prints of the children taken on our engagement shoot.

Day 225: is this even possible? A green grape on a bunch of red ones???

Day 226: Zach is continuing his one man effort to destroy our tomato plants: will any survive to be eaten…?

Day 227: our family and friends were overly generous with wedding gifts. This coffee machine is a winner šŸ™‚

Day 228: did we really have a heatwave recently? There seems to have been a chill in the air for about a week and the rain on Thursday was quite considerable (the garden is grateful!)

Day 229: all of the toys are upstairs due to us tidying for the party so the boys have been playing together with the wooden railway a lot this week.

Day 230: I spend about 90% of my day telling Zach he can’t have a biscuit (the other 10% is me telling him he can’t watch YouTube). Luckily I bought biscuits in bulk so we won’t run out any time soon.


  1. Those canvas prints are gorgous!
    That grape really is an odd one out. How unusual.
    Ohh! I dream of getting a proper coffee machine. hehehe Enjoy!
    It does seem like summer is over. It has been so chilly here for the past few days.
    hahaha! Your biscuit cupboard looks a lot like mine…I am forever telling my girl to leave them alone.

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