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#Project365 2019 week 13

Day 83: we had a family get together and the house was a close to spotless as is possible. This was the scene 20 minutes after our guests left. Thanks Zach…

Day 84: blowing dandelions on the school run

Day 85: I was supposed to be working but Zach thought his work was more important. My choice was have a screaming child amd get no work done, or, have a quiet child and get no work done. Unsurprisingly I went for the quiet option!

Day 86: vegan wheat free fajitas at Cubs for Mother’s Day

Day 87: a geography exhibition at Anya’s school. Very impressed!

Day 88: back to Anya’s school again for Mum’s morning and here are some of our creations

Day 89: the Scout group put on a show and as Matthew has sadly decided to stop going to Cubs at Easter, this is the last time they will both be inuniform together 🙁



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  1. Lovely photo of the kids in their uniforms. What a shame Matthew has decided not to go to Cubs! If he was to stick it out, he would find that Scouts is way more fun! (Then my boys would tell you that Explorers is even more fun than that!) I would definitely have opted for the quiet child choice too!

  2. I would be with you no work and peace sounds better.
    Shame he is packing in the Cubs but they get to the stage they get bored with it.
    Was that a beetroot wrap?
    Great the schools do a lot of stuff but must make a dilemma for working parents making the events

  3. I would have chosen the quiet option too! My house looks like that all the time! I am sorry Matthew has decided to give up Cubs they look very cute in their matching uniforms. Maybe he will decide to go back to Scouts when he gets a bit older.

  4. A quiet option is always preferable, sometimes it’s wiser to choose your battles. Had a chuckle at Zach’s creative chaos.
    Anya’s artwork in school is very pretty, big well done.

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