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#Project365 2019 week 27

Day 181: Chris has rebuilt the wall in our garden. Either that, or the police have found the bodies…

Day 182: first haul of fruit from our garden (including one single blackcurrant-my plan to become Ribena’s new supplier is in tatters 🙂 )

Day 183: treating myself to lunch with a friend at the Mill near Hook. Absolutely delicious vegan and gluten free food and the surroundings were gorgeous!

Day 184: Sports Day and mega mum guilt as I had to work so Chris and my mum went along to cheer Zach on (and video it all for me!)


Day 185: no summer fair for the schools this year. Instead they hired Happy’s Circus. Fun evening out together on a school night!

Day 186: Zach has decided it is time to potty train. I have no idea why he couldn’t wait until next month when we get back from our holiday but he is adamant it is happening NOW! Wees are no problem but we have had poo on the carpet and in the garden. Note this is playdough he’s playing with and not poo!


Day 187: a trip to Odiham Castle and then a meal at… the Mill again (I really loved it on Tuesday!) Here are the kids on the tractor you might have spotted from the first visit

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  1. What a gorgeous photo by the lake. What a shame you couldn’t get to sports day, but these things happen! At least he had some supporters. I hope the potty training is going well (I’m so relieved that you clarified that is play-doh!).

  2. hehehe! The garden does look like a crime scene and the one blackcurrant did make me chuckle. A great haul though.
    What a great idea for the school to hire the circus. That’s way better than a summer fair.
    Good luck with the potty training. I hope he gets the hang of it soon x

  3. It’s great that Zach decided for himself to potty train – my h never did that (or I gave up too early but he was over 3). Maybe there will be more currants next year – I have 2 bushes and they produce loads.

  4. Is a beautiful outlook, no wonder you wanted to go back.
    Hate gooseberries, they were the one thing in my grans garden that I would not eat.
    Spud is 3 past and still wears day and night nappies, Ziggy is out of both and is not 3 yet, they are all so different.

  5. I managed to get to Monkeys sports day today which is the first one I have managed since he started school so please don’t let the mummy guilt get you. I do love black currants hope you get some more. What a great idea a circus instead of a fair I may suggest that next year to our school!

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