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#Project365 2019 week 28

Day 188: Go Go Dragons by Orchard Toys is Zach’s latest obsession and we have to take it in turns to play with him. Thinking ahead, maybe he will be my Monopoly nemesis as Chris refuses to play against me (apparently I’m ruthless and competitive…)

Day 189: spent the morning attending a hospital appointment at the allergy clinic and left feeling frustrated and disappointed. Time to cheer myself up with a vegan gluten free pizza at Zizzi before heading to work.

Day 190: you may have seen from my post just how busy Tuesday was!

Day 191: painting the patio with water


Day 192: Anya’s sports day! She won her first race with a huge lead (straightforward sprint) then came second in the next one (had to dress up en route)

Day 193: creating a wall sculpture or putting sticks out of reach of the little destructive one…?

Day 194: time to relax after a busy week but first haircuts and shoe shopping


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  1. Love a nice pizza. Well done to Anya on her sports day. I’m hoping to avoid shoe shopping for school this year – N’s only just had school shoes at half term so I’m hoping they’ll still be ok for September

  2. well done on the sports day win and nice to see them mix it up so the slower runners had a chance.
    sorry the allergy appointment was not what you had hoped for but the pizza looks nice.
    shoe shopping is expensive.

  3. ha ha Monopoly is a family favourite here. Fab news on the sports day. Sorry you left feeling frustrated at the hospital, I often find I feel the same way, although its the boys with the allergies. Pizza looks fab x

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