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#Project365 2019 week 36

Day 244: some couple time with Chris, watching the Lion King. It was fabulous and the animation was incredible: I sometimes forgot it was a film because it was so realistic it was like a documentary. Then they would speak or burst into song!

Day 245: trying out a new fashion trend. My first wearing of a jumpsuit!

Day 246: Zach had his final lot of jabs, screamed hideously for 10 minutes then forgot all about it at the playground.

Day 247: final day of the school holiday so we went to Windsor and Runnymede
Day 248: obligatory back to school photos (Zach doesn’t go back to preschool until next week).

Day 249: Zach has found me more than a little dull but eating cucumber off his tum is entertaining! I have been back in my trusty cardigan, it really has turned a bit chilly (although Zach doesn’t seem to have noticed…)
Day 250: Matthew LOVED this dino Smasher egg (review to come soon!)

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  1. The jump suit looks fab on you, whenever I try one on I look like a small child in one. Glad back to school is going well, it’ll be strange with Zach in pre school, do you have any plans?

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