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#Project365 2021 week 1

Hello and welcome to my fourth year of participation in #Project365 where I share a photo a day for the entire year. Two extra pics this week!
Day 1: Happy new year and hello 2021. All three children managed to stay awake until midnight to welcome in the new year and we spotted the heron on our walk to keep us awake!
Day 2: Anya wasn’t keen on putting the decorations away!

Day 3: we have had so many roast dinners over the Christmas holidays. I LOVE sprouts! Do you?

Day 4: I was back to school on an Inset day then we got the PM’s announcement in the evening that another national lockdown was beginning immediately and schools would be closed! In other news, we were the top buyer of crisps at our local Sainsburys 🙂

Day 5: No school for the kids as Zach’s bubble is closed due to staff absence and there has been a major electrical surge which has closed the juniors for the other two. They don’t seem to mind though!

Day 6: lots of home learning completed but it took me a long time to download and upload it all!

Day 7: Zach was able to return to school as I’m a key worker and the bubble opened again

Day 8: Friday feeling and a well deserved bottle of prosecco. The spoon trick works to keep it fizzy so that’s me sorted for the next 2 nights too!

Day 9: not a shepherds pie as Chris thought. It was actually a very tasty jam sponge (gluten free and vegan!)

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  1. Well done your kids for staying up to see in the new year.
    Aww! Bless her, Anya does look so sad to be putting the decorations away.
    I love sprouts too but only seem to have them on my Christmas dinner!
    hahaha! I am a top buyer of tins of Baked beans and sausages. lol
    Oh my! That is a lot of paper for the home learning. Thankfully all of my youngest girls work has been able to do on the computer. Thank goodness for Microsoft Word.
    I am drinking that prosecco tonight. Hooray for Christmas leftovers.

  2. Not heard of the spoon trick to keep prosecco fizzy, will have to give it a try. We are doing a mix of homeschooling and in school here as our school will only allow kids in if you are actually working, which makes sense

  3. Happy new year! Anya looks sad about the Christmas decorations. We still have our tree up until the 14th (Russian old new year).
    I didn’t know about the spoon trick. Does it have to be a steel or silver spoon? Our homeschooling so far was well-organised, but quite intense, with lots of tasks to do each day. I love sprouts, but I’m the only one in the family.
    We’re top buyers of Volvic touch of lemon sugar free water (as my older son drinks it every day).

  4. Happy New Year! We are growing sprouts in the garden and I think some may be ready. Homeschooling is driving me nuts I can physically do everything. Our decs are partly still up I want to take them down but I am being over ruled. Had no idea that you could get a top buyer at Sainsbury’s. Does this mean you a packet for free?

  5. Not a sprouts fan myself. But the one I had at Christmas was more enjoyable than usual! I would love a serving of jam sponge especially with custard. When we open a bottle it usually lasts a few nights too. Although I am not drinking at the moment, sometimes wine makes me wheezy with my asthma and with everything going on it seems safer to avoid it for a bit. I miss it though, with homeschooling it would have been a welcome treat at the weekend too.

  6. LOL!!! I had the same reaction and facial expression when I had to take down the Christmas decorations too! 🙂
    I absolutely love sprouts, not entirely sure if that makes me weird, but I didn’t pick any up this time around. Bet you all had a nice lie in on New Year’s Day with the kids staying up till midnight. Such a shame not to have the fireworks, always love watching them on TV, however the drones were pretty cool! Nicely done on 4 years of Project365! 🙂 Sim x

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