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#Project365 2021 week 12

Day 80: Census done and dusted for another 10 years and I was excited to have my family together on record for the first time

Day 81: the duckilings in Zach’s class have grown over the weekend and the cheeping is soooooo cute!

Day 82: I wouldn’t score well on the Great British Bake Off technical challenge due to their inconsistency but my vegan gluten free sausage rolls tasted good πŸ™‚

Day 83: all of the local daffodils are out in bloom except for the ones in our garden which haven’t appeared πŸ™

Day 84: rather an angry pirate for a party at school to celebrate the end of topic

Day 85: farewell to the chicks

Day 86: an early mornng walk to get Matthew used to the route to secondary school, plus he isn’t keen on bridges so I want to get him familiar and reassured about the one he’ll have to use everyday!

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  1. I love census time. Just such a shame we won’t be here in 100 years to find out what this time’s came out as. Cute ducklings. We’ve not had any on the farm for a while.

  2. Lovely to have your family all together on the census – I did find it very emotional completing it knowing that Jessica would never be recorded on a census. Those ducklings in Zach’s class are so cute – sad to have to say goodbye to them. The angry pirate photo made me chuckle and those vegan sausage rolls look very yummy. #project365

  3. I love the ducklings what a great thing to have in a classroom. I bet they will be sad to see them go. Hope Zach enjoyed being a pirate. The husband did our census not even sure what questions they asked! I really should pay more attention.

  4. I didn’t enjoy filling in the census, some of the questions were too intrusive, and some which I thought might have been important, were not asked.
    The ducklings are cute. Why is the pirate looking so angry? The vegan sausage rolls look tasty. I also worry about my son walking to school on his own, he would have to cross some very busy roads.

  5. Lovely seeing another photo of the ducklings! I think your sausage rolls look fab! I would certainly sample one if I had the chance. Matthew is growing up with heading off to secondary school soon! Well done getting used to the bridge, such a good idea to get prepared in advance with make the change go more smoothly. Fingers crossed your daffodils start to appear soon.

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