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#Project365 2021 week 50

Day 347: my dad surprised us all by getting his 1980s Amstrad computer out for us to play on. Bit of Manic Miner anyone? Look at the tape deck for loading games!

Day 348: my festive design at school

Day 349: I still can’t drive due to my anti sickness medication but enjoyed a night time walk past the church and giant Christmas tree. Love the message in the window especially as the Covid crisis seems to be worsening

Day 350: super proud of this little guy and the rest of the school as they performed the Christmas play three times. Last year was his first play but it was recorded as parents weren’t allowed in so it was a big deal performing in front of an audience. I proudly watched all three times 🙂
Day 351: Christmas jumper day and what could be more festive than Santa shooting presents, seated on a T rex that is standing on pizza and breathing fire?!

Day 352: …and school’s out, woohoo! Reindeer vibes today

Day 353: time for some fun to start the holidays as we try out the Upside Down Challenge Game.

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  1. Oh wow! That Amstrad computer does bring back memories and I used to love Manic Miner.
    What a pretty Christmas tree and well done to your little man. It must have been lovely to see the Christmas play. x

  2. Oh that 1980s Amstrad took me back – I had an Amstrad although mine had a disk drive. I do remember waiting for tapes to load on my friend’s Commodore64 though! Love the handprint Christmas tree. Well done to Zach on performing in his Christmas play in front of an audience and what a proud moment for you. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. #project365

  3. OH WOW that jumper! I think that has got to be the best one I have seen so far this year. Well done Zach on the school performances unfortunately we were still not allowed to see ours but have made up for it by having renditions at home and online viewings. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas

  4. What a blast from the past, I used to have a Amstrad and loved it! haha that is a fab Christmas jumper! One I think my teen and tween would actually wear! This year they only took giant Santa hats in! Awww love your reindeer antlers!

  5. That is an awesome Christmas jumper! Santa on a T Rex, he would be a total mean machine! Definitely chuckling at the Astrad!!!! The graphics must confuse so many kids today… yes, they did used to be that bad! 😉 Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Sim x

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