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#Project365 2021 week 6

Day 38: the difficulty and excitement of choosing new PJs!

Day 39: ok, so I’m nearly 40 and I never realised that you could see snowflake patterns with the naked eye. It was almost magical watching the snow fall so gently for 3 days!

Day 40: just a light dusting but continous fall of snow. We set up some ice so the kids could smash it!

Day 41: I recently won a book on Readers First and it was called The Last Snow which suited this week!

Day 42: Wednesday night was the coldest for a quarter of a century! The snow has finally stopped but the last flakes had frozen!

Day 43: so proud of these three for surviving this half term. Halfway through the school year and such an unusual term for them all. Looking forward to spending time relaxing with them over the next week without the shadow of school work looming large

Day 44: weird banana brownies. Now I should clarify that I don’t like bananas but was hopeful the chocolate would cover the taste. It didn’t. The brownies were ok but I wouldn’t make them for myself again. BananaBoy Zach who ate a banana an hour earlier hated them too. But Matthew, Anya and Chris ADORED them so I think they will be made again!

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  1. New pj’s are the best. They look cool.
    The snowflakes really are amazing! I didn’t realise until this week that you could see them so clearly either!
    The banana brownies sound interesting. At least a couple of you’s enjoyed them x

  2. new pjs, how exciting. Glad the kids are having a week off from learning and you get to spend some quality time with them. Love your capture of the snowflakes, such detail. Banana is such a strong taste in food and smoothies, I do however like it as long as it’s not paired with strawberries.

  3. The snowflakes are so pretty! I must admit I thought you may have used a magnifying lens or something. I am not a fan of banana either but would have thought the chocolate would help. Hope you have had a lovely half term.

  4. Wonderful photos of snowflakes! They look so fragile. I do like a banana bread, but don’t think have baked brownies with bananas.
    Choosing a PJ is a serious business indeed. Lovely photo of your three. Will check out your book review, as I haven’t heard of this book.

  5. my lord. That snow pattern.. they are so so so so so beautiful. Even I didn’t know we could see them with the naked eye. Hope you enjoy the book. Banana brownies and bread are the favorites here.

  6. What gorgeous snowflakes. I didn’t know you could see them that clearly either. I like the dinosaur pj’s. Well done on your win, its always lovely getting a competition prize and like you say couldn’t be better timed with that title. I am sure I would love those brownies, it looks tasty anyway.

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