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#Project365 2022 week 20

Day 134: just me and the road ahead for my run

Day 135: Anya and Zach had a lovely time reviewing these Steffi Love dolls

Day 136: it was a strange week weatherwise but these flowers on my walk to work really seem cheerful

Day 137: it took a lot of nagging to get Anya to do her homework but finally complete!

Day 138: a vegan hot chocolate before heading off to work

Day 139: I am a little bit hooked on my new restaurant on Cooking Fever

Day 140: more rain and even a bit chilly

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  1. That looks like a great road for a run and it looks like the kids are having fun with the dolls. What a great drawing from Anya.
    Ohh! I haven’t seen that restaurant on Cooking Fever. I am on with trying to complete the Sushi restaurant at the moment. It’s such an addictive game. x

  2. They look like fab dolls would have loved them when I was a child. You are so good keeping up with your running. I really need to exercise more and eat a bit less cake! Love the drawing Anya – well worth all your nagging! I haven’t played Cooking Fever in ages now I fancy returning to it.

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