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#Project365 2022 week 24

Day 162: finally a chance to celebrate some belated and upcoming birthdays with cousins.

Day 163: a cinema trip for us (not Zach as we felt he was too young)

Day 164: making good progress on my Conqueror Engliah Channel challenge

Day 165: Mum babysat the kids while Chris was away and I had a meeting. She harvested our fruit!

Day 166: Anya had fun styling my hair

Day 167: Duolingo makes me giggle sometimes with its random sentences

Day 168: look at her go! Winner! Sadly I was working but Chris was there to cheer her on


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  1. Lovely to check in and see what you guys are up to (I met you at Blogon a few years ago. Don’t know if you remember). Stay safe and blessed.
    ps those strawberries look flavourful!

  2. Well done Anya for her race. N’s sports day is Friday coming, fingers crossed for good weather (or at least dry). Nice to get some homegrown fruit. Next year I must try growing some

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