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#Project365 2022 week 31

Day 213: big news! Two days earlier than expected but we collected our new arrivals, 14 week old cockapoo puppies Wurzel and Chas. We are totally in love!

Day 214: watching history as the Lionesses win Euro 2022

Day 215: can’t believe I’ve been learning Italian for a year. Hoping to finish the course in the next month or so, then refresh my GSCE French and German


Day 216: just before we went on holiday I heard of pasta crisps. Then I ate some at Zizzi while in Plymouth. This was my first attempt making them at home, and they were fab except I used too much cayenne and it was soooooo hot!

Day 217: introducing the pups to the cousins

Day 218: new achievement from my Fitbit

Day 219: Polly Pocket earrings from 30 years ago that Mum and Dad found and wanted me to reclaim even though they were my sister’s

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  1. Oh wow! How exciting to get 2 puppies. I love their names and they are just adorable.
    I was looking at the Zizzi menu this past week and saw pasta crisps which interested me. They do look tasty.
    I love the earrings! hehehe Fabulous! x

  2. N loves those pasta crisps at Zizzi but I’m not a fan. Good on you for trying to make them. Maybe the next try will be better. Such cut puppies. Hope they’re calmer than N’s friend’s 18 month old cockerpoo – he’s still really nuts, although we know others with much better trained and calmer ones.

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