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#Project365 2022 week 44

Day 304: kids on their way to a sleepover at Mum and Dad’s
Day 305: Anya and Zach (and me!) had lots of fun creating our own piece of art with the Lite Brite we were sent to review
Day 306: trick or treating. We went to one house before it started raining, booooo !
Day 307: I ran my last planned run of the year (I stop for the cold months due to asthma and bad weather) and have completed 20% of the route from Lands End to John O’Groats
Day 308: my baby’s junior school application!
Day 309: the weather hasn’t been fab at all this week so the rainbow was a lovely sight on the walk home
Day 310: happy birthday Mum!


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  1. I was rewatching Stranger Things and saw one of those Lite Brite things on it, I had no idea they were a thing from years ago.
    Oh no, that’s rubbish that it rained for you on Halloween. It looks like the kids made a great effort too.
    How can it be time for Zach to go to junior school. It was nice to have some good weather yesterday. Happy birthday to your mum. x

  2. The Lite Brite looks like fun. Sorry that you had to cut the trick-or-treating short because of the rain. Well done on managing to run 20% of the distance from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Good luck with Zach’s junior school application and hope your mum had a lovely birthday. I’ve just finished reading the Ration Book series and really enjoyed them. #project365

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